For almost 18 years MotoSAT manufactured some of the best Mobile Satellite Television Antennas for the Recreational Vehicle Industry.  They were forward thinking in their designs of these systems which has allowed even the first antennas built in 1996 to be upgraded and used still today.
DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell TV and Shaw Direct
Let our Eagle RE-1 and New Eagle II Antenna Controllers keep your MotoSAT running for years to come.  
With no modifications to your antenna required RF Mogul will get your system up and running again in about 30 minutes.
It is true.

With no new holes in your roof and no new cables to run it could not be any easier.
Wire a new connector and add our indoor GPS unit to the RE-1 / Eagle II Antenna Controller and the system is ready to go.
Turbocharge your MotoSAT with the RF Mogul Eagle RE-1 / Eagle II Antenna Controller today.
Upgrading to an RE-1 / Eagle II Antenna Controller today will also allow you to move up to the New Full Eagle Antenna System in the future for alot less cost because you will already own the controller used on our newest system..
Just another reason to choose RF Mogul.
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MotoSat Upgrade
The cost of the controller kit is $895.00
plus shipping and installation.
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Eagle Motosat Upgrade Kit Manual
Great News!! - Eagle II Controller now available
(MotoSat Compatible)
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Eagle MotoSat Upgrade Kit Brochure
Please use the following documents for Reference Only
Eagle II Literature coming soon