RF Mogul Satellite Television Systems have the unique ability to make watching television anywhere in North America down right easy!
Figuring out what to watch is your business.
Getting you on satellite in a few minutes is ours.
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Now that you have agreed on who gets to run the remote, we recommend you make alot of Pop Corn, snuggle in your favorite chair and enjoying watching Television on your new RF Mogul Satellite System.
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All Satellite Television Systems are not created equal.  And like most things you purchase for your RV a lower price usually does not equate to a better value.  For instance all of the metal parts in our systems are machined of high quality aluminum or zinc plated steel.  All of the hardware we use is Stainless Steel.  We only use plastics in non-stress locations and they too are made from plastics designed for long term outdoor use.  Your RF Mogul Satellite Antenna will last for as long as you own your RV.  Also, the unique design of our mounting plates makes it simple to transfer to your new RV without leaving holes in your old one.  If you ever want to change your Television provider you will not have to replace your Antenna or the Antenna Controller. 

When we offer new models of Antennas or Controllers we always make our components compatible with our earlier models or we offer a cost effective upgrade path so you will never have to buy another system at retail price.

Breath new life into your old MotoSat System
with our New Eagle II MotoSat Compatible Controller
The Eagle is the most versatile HD Satellite system ever built, call 801-895-3392 for more details.