Dish Network™
The Eagle Dish Network Satellite Television System has the fastest satellite lock time of any High Definition mobil television system available on the market today.
The Dish Network Systems use the DPP and DPH LNB's only for the Western Arc Satellites. (110W, 119W, and 129W).
Contact us or a local dealer for more information.
The Eagle Dish Network System comes with our standard 70CM dish. 
We will work with all models of Dish Network Receivers
Dish Network is a US Television Subscription Service intended for customers residing in the United States.  Most of their television signals can be received in much of Canada and Mexico.
RF Mogul Inc
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The RF Mogul Satellite Television includes everything you need except the Dish Network Receiver.  Contact one of our Dealers or you can buy now and we can schedule an install for you.
Important News!
Our System has been tested with Dish Network's New Hopper 3  and we are pleased to announce that the Eagle II Controller works great using the latest software update available on our website.
Note: You will need a new LNB and Hybrid Hub please contact us for details.