From its inception in 2011, RF Mogul has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line mobile satellite HDTV and internet auto-deploy antenna systems.  RF Mogul’s senior leadership team has over 100 years of combined satellite industry experience going back to C-Band satellite TV.  The company has extensive design experience in auto-aiming multi-satellite systems with HD, Ultra HD and Internet capability.  The leadership team has been responsible for many ‘firsts’ in the Mobile Marketplace.

  • First 8’ C-Band TV Auto-Deploy antenna for the RV
  • First 18” Ku DirecTV Auto-Deploy antenna for the RV
  • First DISH 1000 HDTV Multi-satellite Auto-Deploy antenna for the RV
  • First Internet (Hughes) Auto-Deploy system for the RV
  • First 1.2M Ku VSAT Auto-Deploy System for the Oil & Gas industry
  • First Tri-Pod Mounted Auto-Deploy VSAT Internet System
  • First Ku/Ka DirecTV HDTV SWM Auto-Deploy antenna for the RV
  • First 84cm Internet/Streaming Auto-Deploy antenna for the RV

The company is headquartered in Utah at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  This location supports all of the product design, manufacturing, sales, customer support and distribution.  We strongly promote the fact that our product is designed and manufactured in the USA.  The core company values include overall product quality and customer satisfaction. RF Mogul is leading the way in providing key products that support the mobile lifestyle.