ACU-1 Satellite Dish Controller
RF Mogul Inc
3604 S. Via Terra Street
South Salt Lake, UT 84115-4326

84CM Data Sheet 1MAY2015
Designed and Manufactured for harsh environments the RF Mogul 84CM VSAT Mobile Antenna System is affordable for all applications. Its simplified design improves reliability and operation. The RF Mogul Antenna Controller insures fully automatic deployment and extremely accurate peaking by simply pressing the “Search Button”. Typical Satellite Lock is 5 minutes. Stows and ready for travel in under 2 minutes.

General Specifications

Stowed Dimensions 48” L x 40” W x 12.5” H
Deployed Height 42” Max
Mounting Base 22” W X 48” L (Aluminum Formed Frame)
Reflector 84CM Skyware Global 845TX
Standard BUC NJR5037 3W (others optional)
Polarization Cross-Pol (V RX standard)
Mounted Weight 93 lbs.
Antenna Travel (rotation)
Azimuth 374 degrees
6.4 degrees/second
Elevation 80 degrees
3.5 degrees/second
Skew (RF Pol) 122 degrees (+/- 61 degrees from Zero)
10 degrees/second

Antenna Controller

Dimensions 10” W x 5.75” D x 1.75” T
Weight 2 lbs.
Front Panel Control Power, Search, and Stow Buttons
Display 24 x 2 Line LCD Backlit
Communications Ethernet, LAN, Serial
Identification DVBS, DVB-S2, Network ID, Modem
Connections RF, LAN, Control, and DC Power

Connections and Electrical

Control Cable 18AWG 12 Conductor (push lock connector)
RX and TX Coax RG6 Solid Copper Core (F Type connector)
DC Power 15V DC @ 2 Amps typical (rated to 7 amps)
AC Input Power 100~265 VAC 47~63 Hz > 2 Amps Max
Environmental Specifications
Wind Speed Deployed 50 mph (80 km/h) SG 845TX Spec
Stowed Travel Speed 125 mph (200km/h) ** based on installation
Operational Temperature -60~+180 F (-51~+82 C)
Snow Load (typical) 8” (based on water content)
DataSat 84CM Mobile VSAT System Quick Wiring and Setup Guide