SDC-1 Universal Satellite Dish Controller Features and Options

This document lists only features that set our controller apart from others.  It was not intended to list every feature of the controller.  Contact RF Mogul directly for any questions.
•Operates any manufactures mount (ask for details)
•Supports any modem
•Finds all geosynchronous satellites
•Manual motor controls for Azimuth, Elevation and Skew
•3.5 inch Color display
•Front panel Controlled (no computer required)
•Software upgrade can be accomplished with a USB Flash Drive or HTML
•Milti-level operating security
•Switchable AC outlet
•Uses standard or crossover cable
•2RU Rack Mount
•Can run multiple controllers on the same network (for antenna farms)
•On-screen Operation and Helps Manual
•iPhone and Android compatible


•Built in Spectrum Analyzer with Beacon Receiver later this year
•Data Encryption (Military Levels)
•External Power Supply for large earth station antennas
•OEM Branding capable
•International language available upon request
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