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MotoSat Product and/or Repairs
MotoSat Repairs
RF Mogul does not offer to repair any MotoSAT Controllers or Mounts.
MotoSAT has been out of business for many years.  The first years after MotoSAT going out of business, RF Mogul stepped in and offered to repair their controller hardware but since the software could not be revised, that limited the repairs to hardware and loading of software that was available at the time MotoSAT went out of business.  RF Mogul never offered to repair the mount or supply parts for the mount, as that was “specialized” manufacturing.  Note: common parts like motor sensors and LNB’s are available to purchase through RF Mogul.
            When RF Mogul released its own Eagle Series system it was decided to make the Eagle Controller compatible with all MotoSAT TV systems.  The Eagle controller can be purchased to replace any MotoSAT controller.  The Eagle controller will perform better than the MotoSAT controllers and has more options.  A new Eagle controller will not compensate for any mount that has any sort of issue.  If the mount is not in good working order, then the Eagle controller is not the right option.  If that be the case, then, we suggest that you purchase a complete Eagle HD TV System for your RV.  The Eagle Mount can be attached to the existing MotoSAT mounting plate on the roof.  An RF Mogul dealer can be located on the “Dealer” portion of our web site. 
            Cost for RF Mogul Eagle Controller Upgrade Kit, which includes GPS, is $895.00 plus installation (if required).
Cost for a complete Eagle HD Television System is $1,995.00 FOB SLC, plus installation by an authorized dealer.

For additional information please contact our Sales Department at 1-801-895-3392

RF Mogul continues to be a leader in technology in the satellite TV sector. They are proud to serve the RV industry.
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Non Repairable TV Controller Model Numbers
Nomad 2 -
No longer Repairable
Nomad 3 - No longer Repairable
Nomad SD -
No longer Repairable
Nomad SD2 -
No longer Repairable
MotoSat controllers can no longer identify the SHAW Direct (formally Star Choice) satellites. They will peak on the satellites but move on because they cannot identify them. It is a result of the move that SHAW has done to implement their new satellite that is co-located at orbital slot 107. More details can be found in the following articles.
Shaw's next move


We do not repair MotoSat Internet/TV controllers

Nomad SD/SD2 Manual
Nomad 2/3
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