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The RE-1 Eagle Controller RF Mogul Eagle Satellite Antenna (BLACK Dish).

Important Note: The zip file you download is not the file you transfer to the USB Memory Stick the file you want to put on the stick is located inside the ZIP file and must be extracted before in can be used to transfer to your USB Memory Stick.

Step One: If you already have a unzip program installed you will not need to do step one.
Open up your Internet Browser of choice and search for “free unzip program” you will find that there are a lot to choose from.  The one I like is called 7-Zip but the unzip software choice is up to you.  Once you decide which program you would like to use as your unzip program simply download and install the software.  Once this is done you are ready to go.  Using the Helpful links located at the bottom of this page you should be able to successfully unzip your files and transfer them to your USB Memory Stick.

Step Two: Go to the following link on our website follow instructions to download the zipped file.
Step Four: Remove the USB Memory Stick from your computer and insert into the controller.

Power on the Controller and the Software will self install.  (Picture Above)

Once installed, press search, and the controller will perform a Self Test then go find the correct Satellite.

Helpful Links:
You Tube Video
Windows XP
Windows 7

Step Three: Extract files to your computer then copy just the hex file to the USB
Memory Stick. (See helpful links bottom of page)
Not a computer GURU? That's Ok! We have you covered.
New Option to update your software to the latest version.
Buy a preloaded software USB Stick.